M V PolkovnikovaN N NosikT M GaraevN G KondrashinaM P FinogenovaV A Shibnev

Inonotus obliquus, commonly known as the chaga mushroom, contains a variety of excellent bioactive compounds. However, the antiviral activity of the chaga mushroom has not been explored thoroughly. Because of this, an experiment was conducted to test the full potential of antiviral activity. Using solvents and different procedures, subtractions of chaga were extracted with water, alkali, alcohol and were tested for their toxicity for the Vero cell culture and antiviral effcct in the Vero cells infected with the Herpes simplex virus (HSV), Type 1. The results showed that majority of the subtraction were not toxic for Vero cells and had a protective effect on the Vero cell infected with HSV.