Do Detox Diets Offer Any Health Benefits  

Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.

While detoxication diets are common, there is little evidence that they actually remove  toxins from the body. Specific detox diets vary, but they usually include a time of fasting  followed by a strict diet of fresh vegetables, fruit, and fruit juices, as well as plenty of liquids. In  addition, some detox diets recommend colon cleansing (enemas) in combination with herbs and  other vitamins to clear the intestines. During and after detox diets, some people experience  becoming more focused and energetic. Detox diets, on the other hand, provide no history of  actually removing toxins from the body. The kidneys and liver are very good at filtering and  destroying most toxins that are consumed. Finally, remember the fad diets aren’t a sustainable  alternative. Your best bet for long-term success is to eat a nutritious diet rich in fruits and  vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources. faq-20058040#:~:text=Some%20people%20report%20feeling%20more%20focused%20and%20energetic ,effective%20at%20filtering%20and%20eliminating%20most%20ingested%20toxins.