Omid Safa, Mehdi Hassani-Azad, Mehdi Farashahinejad, Parivash Davoodian, Habib Dadvand, Soheil Hassanipour, and Mohammad Fathalipour

Researcher investigated the effects of licorice poor extract compared to the usual therputi regimen n clinical symptoms and laboratory signs in confirmed COVID-19 patients that are moderately ill. The trail was a single-center, open-label, randomized, clinical trail with parallel-group design, and both male and female patients with 18 or younger years of age were admitted for treatment at the Shalid Mohammadi Hospital, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, Bandar Abbas. Within seven days of randomization, the recovery rate of clinical symptoms such as fever, tiredness, dry cough, and preclinical features were evaluated as primary outcomes. Evaluated at secondary outcomes were time to improvement of clinical, paraclinical features, lengthbof stay in a hospital, and the incidence of adverse reactions.