Marina Diotallevi, Paola Checconi, Anna Teresa Palamara, Ignacio Celestino, Lucia Coppo, Arne Holmgren, Kahina Abbas, Fabienne Peyrot, Manuela Mengozzi, and Pietro Ghezzi

Glutathione (GSH), a significant cellular antioxidant, is thought to suppress the inflammatory reaction caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) (ROS). Experiments with exogenously applied antioxidants/reducing agents or pro-oxidants, on the other hand, account for the majority of the data. While the term has been considered an oversimplification, some studies have suggested that oxidative stress, caused by increased development of reactive oxygen species, can induce inflammation, for example as a result of infection. Exogenously inserted ROS cause inflammatory cytokines, whereas antioxidants, including the dominant thiol antioxidant glutathione, suppress them, according to reports.