Potential Interventions for Novel Coronavirus in China: A Systematic Review  

Lei Zhang and Yunhui Liu 

An outbreak of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19 or 2019-CoV) infection has posed  serious health and economic risks worldwide. There is an immediate need to identify alternative  ways to monitor the transmission of disease in the absence of a vaccine for this infection. We  propose that the nutritional status of any affected patient be assessed prior to the administration  of general therapies, and that uninfected patients and health care staff be immunized with  existing children’s RNA-virus vaccines, including influenza vaccine. COVID-19 patients can  also be offered convalescent plasma if it is available. In conclusion, if the COVID-19 infection  becomes uncontrollable, we recommend that all possible treatments be applied. Coronaviruses are members of the Orthocoronavirine subfamily of the Coronaviridae class of the order Nidovirales, which includes a-coronaviruses, B-coronaviruses, y-coronaviruses, and delta coronaviruses.