Vitamin C as Prophylaxis and Adjunctive Medical Treatment for COVID-19? 

Adam F. Feyaerts, Ph.D. and Walter Luyten, Ph.D., M.D  

The coronavirus illness 2019 is caused by the severe acute respiratory illness coronavirus  2. (COVID-19). Vitamin C was recommended during the coronavirus 1 epidemic that caused  severe acute respiratory syndrome. Interleukin-6 and endothelin-1 levels are often increased in  individuals with severe COVID-19. These mediators might explain COVID-19 pneumonia’s age  dependency, as well as the high prevalence of males, obese or hypertensive individuals, people  of color, and smokers. There is strong evidence that large dosages of vitamin C can inhibit these  mediators. Vitamin C is both inexpensive and risk-free. As a result, prophylaxis with a relatively  low dose of vitamin C may be useful, and in cases with severe COVID-19, a high-dose  (intravenous) regimen may be useful. Clinical trials that are now underway are expected to give  more conclusive data.