Black walnuts, known for its excellent antioxidant properties, has the potential to be a potent natural therapeutic for the body. Not lonely does black walnuts demonstrate antioxidant properties, it also contains antiviral and antibacterial activity that may help strengthen the immune system as a virus spreads and speed up the recovery. It is incredibly useful as a prophylaxis for those constantly exposed to different people around them and are at a higher risk of being ill, or for those that do not want to be carriers. To protect the skin from sun damage, the black walnut contains proanthocyanidins which can enable the skin to absorb the sun without damaging the skin. For those who want to have good heart health, black walnut is an excellent alternative because it improves heart function and stabilizes blood pressure. Combined with a peppermint leaf extract, black walnut has a weight loss effect by speeding up metabolism and help breaking down fats.;journal_blog_post_id;1416