5 Research Based Reasons To Avoid The Flu Shot! 

Before receiving the flu shot, there are several important things to know. One, according  to the CDC, their analysis stated that the flu vaccine effectiveness has been b less than 59 percent  effective more than half of the time; the 2014/2015 flu shot was only 19 percent effective and  even less at 15 percent for ages two through eight. Allergic reactions can occur when foreign  protein molecules are injected into the body. The shot is injecting scientifically proven toxic  ingredients including mercury, aluminum, egg protein, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate  (MSG), and thimersol (mercury preservative). After receiving the shot, some people develop ear  infections, runny noses, or a cough; this mean it causes immunosuppression. Clinical studies  conducted by Dr. Frederick Klenner has proved that Vitamin C has powerful healing effects and  immune system booster. It has been used successfully to treat polio, shingles, chickenpox,  measles, mumps, and even the flu.