Can Supplements Really Help Fight COVID-19?  Heres What We Know and Dont Know  

Laura Beil  

When President Donald Trump was infected with Covid-19, he took Vitamin D and Zink  vitamins. However, it is unclear if over-the-counter supplements will potentially deter or handle  Covid-19. Only a few studies have looked specifically at whether vitamin D affects Covid-19.  Lanham-New and her colleagues presented a review of emerging evidence in the BMJ Nutrition,  Prevention & Health in May, concluding that there is just enough evidence to prescribe vitamin  D to assist with Covid-19 prevention for people who are deficient. Zinc lozenges are still hot  sellers during cold and flu season because it plays many supporting roles in the immune system.  Zinc aids cell division and development as well. Studies on the use of zinc for colds, which are  often caused by coronaviruses, indicate that taking a supplement soon after symptoms appear can  help them go away faster.