Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Using Ascorbic Acid and Zinc Supplementation (COVIDAtoZ)  

U.S. National Library of Medicine  

The goal of this research is to see if ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and zinc gluconate can help  individuals with coronavirus illness reduce the length of their symptoms (COVID-19). Patients  over the age of 18 who arrive for outpatient testing at the Cleveland Clinic and get a positive  COVID-19 test will be invited to participate. We want to explore if ascorbic acid and zinc  gluconate, which have a limited impact profile and are easily accessible over-the-counter, might  shorten the duration of symptoms in COVID-2019 patients. A secondary goal is to investigate if  supplementing with Zinc and/or Ascorbic acid might prevent the advancement of the disease’s  severe signs, such as dyspnea and acute respiratory distress syndrome, which may necessitate  hospitalization, mechanical ventilation, or even death.