Vitamin C-Lipid Metabolites: Uptake and Retention  and Effect on Plasma C-Reactive Protein and Oxidized  LDL Levels in Healthy Volunteers 

Dario Pancorbo, Carlos Vazquez, and Mary Ann Fletcher 

 A new formulation of vitamin C-lipid metabolites was previously found to be more  rapidly taken up by human T-lymphocytes and to stimulate neurite outgrowth, fibroblast  adhesion, and suppression of xenobiotic-induced T-cell hyperactivation more rapidly. After oral  supplementation, blood levels of PureWay-C were tested in healthy participants. C-reactive  protein (CRP) and oxidized low density lipoprotein (LDL) levels were also examined in the  blood. When compared to other vitamin C formulations, oral supplementation with PureWay-C  resulted in a higher decrease in plasma C-reactive protein and oxidized LDL levels. PureWay-C  is more rapidly absorbed than other forms of vitamin C, including Ester-C, and results in higher  blood vitamin C levels and lower plasma levels of inflammatory and oxidative stress indicators.