A FraternaleM F PaolettiA CasabiancaJ OiryP ClayetteJ-U VogelJ Cinatl JrA T PalamaraR SgarbantiE GaraciE MilloU Benatti, and M Magnani

In mammalian cells, reduced glutathione (GSH) is found in millimolar concentrations. It is involved in a variety of cellular functions, including detoxification, amino acid transfer, coenzyme synthesis, and vitamin E and C recycling. To maintain the decreased intracellular environment, GSH serves as a redox buffer. Glutathione levels have been shown to be low in a variety of illnesses, including cancer, viral infections, and immune dysfunction. Many antioxidant molecules, such as GSH and N-acetylcysteine (NAC), have been shown to inhibit viral replication in vitro and in vivo through various mechanisms. The findings suggest that pro-GSH molecules could be used as novel therapeutic agents to cure antiviral infections and Th2-mediated diseases like allergies and AIDS.